Month: May 2018

31 May by surelylifted

Tiger Nuts – Chufas

Nigeria’s super food comes in the humble form of a small, round, chewy ‘thing’ with a sweet, milky and nutty taste pushed around by ‘mallams’ in wheelbarrows. It’s known in the Western world as Earth Almonds or Tiger nuts but the Igbos may know them better as ‘Aki Awusa’, the Hausas as ‘Aya’, and the […]
10 May by surelylifted

Sesame Seed

Sesame seed, sesamum indicum is a flowering plant that has a wide variety of relative spread in Africa. Widely naturalized in tropical regions around the world and dating as old as man’s existence, it is the oldest known oil seed to man. Sesame seed was domesticated over 3000 years ago for consumption. It is highly […]