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We have the in-house expertise to ensure that services offered on exports are done with right documentation depending on your class of commodities and tailored to fit in to your specific needs at the lowest possible cost. Pick-up from your vendors location, to booking, to coordination of final deliver to your consignee, we are with you all the way.

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Cotton plant is a shrub which is mainly grown in the tropical and subtropical areas including America, Africa, and India. Before the oil boom in Nigeria, it has been one of the major cash crop exported to other countries, but due to the negligence of the government, the cultivation and exportation of cotton have reduced […]
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Nigeria is the world’s largest producer of Cassava (Manihot esculenta). In 1999, the country produced 33 million tonnes, while a decade later, it produced approximately 45 million tonnes, which is almost 19% of production in the world. The average yield per hectare is 10.6 tonnes. In Nigeria, cassava production is well-developed as an organized agricultural […]
25 Mar by surelylifted

Cocoa Production in Nigeria

Cocoa production is important to the economy of Nigeria. Cocoa was the leading agricultural export of the country and Nigeria is currently the world’s fourth largest producer of Cocoa, after Ivory Coast, Indonesia and Ghana, and the third largest exporter, after Ivory Coast and Ghana. The crop was a major foreign exchange earner for Nigeria […]
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Shea butter is used in the production of cosmetics, confectionery and by the Pharmaceutical industry. It has also been used for centuries in Africa for medicinal soap making, funeral rites, and as cooking oil. It can be classified into Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Chocolate and Confectionery, based on quality and industrial application. It is becoming increasing popular […]
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“Oil” is a collective term for more or less viscous, generally organic-chemical liquids. Depending on their chemical composition, a distinction may be drawn between fatty, essential, mineral and silicone oils. Palm oil is an edible oil extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm Elaeis guineensis while Palm kernel oil is a […]
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In today’s competitive world, identifying and exploiting your areas of comparative advantage is the key to survival. The solid minerals industry holds the greatest potential apart from the Agricultural sector because of the rich mineral deposit in commercial quantity scattered in different parts of the country. One of such mineral in Nigeria is Iron ore. […]
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Background: Rocks are the materials which the earth’s upper crusts are made of, they are themselves composed of minerals. Minerals are naturally occurring elements like Gold, or a compound such as Iron Oxide. If a rock contains a mineral from which a metal can be extracted at a profit, it is call an Ore. For […]
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Manganese Ore

The mineral spread in Nigeria is significant with evidence of 34 different minerals distributed in Nigeria’s richly endowed geology. Though not all the mineral occurrences will ultimately have enough reserves to be of viable interest to mining companies, Manganese ore is one mineral with enough economic deposit to attract both local and foreign investors in […]
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Classified as one of the strategic mineral in Nigeria, Limestone is a rock with an enormous diversity of uses. The largest and purest deposits of limestone are found in the Southwest and Middle belt regions of the country. Limestone in the Southwest region of Nigeria has been estimated at 31 million tonnes. Most limestone mining […]
31 May by surelylifted

Tiger Nuts – Chufas

Nigeria’s super food comes in the humble form of a small, round, chewy ‘thing’ with a sweet, milky and nutty taste pushed around by ‘mallams’ in wheelbarrows. It’s known in the Western world as Earth Almonds or Tiger nuts but the Igbos may know them better as ‘Aki Awusa’, the Hausas as ‘Aya’, and the […]